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Our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment get students involved in real-world opportunities and provide a professional experience for our clients

  • Athletic Training Research and Education Laboratory

    This lab is for undergraduate and graduate athletic training education programs.

    What's Included:

    • Treatment tables
    • Taping stations
    • Mat platforms
    • Hydrotherapy area
    • Therapeutic modalities

    Location: McCormick 254

  • Biomechanics Lab

    The biomechanics lab studies the forces acting on a living body and the patterns of movement caused by the forces. It provides insight to improving skill performance, understanding the process of skill development, and identifies the etiology of overuse injuries.

    What's Included:

    • AMTI Force Platform System: A scale that measures and records ground reaction forces
    • Technology to capture movement including high-speed optical data and the Peak Motus Optical Capture System
    • Electromyography to record electrical activity present in a muscle
    • Instrumentation including electrodes, amplifiers, and data analysis
    • Custom lab software

    Location: McCormick 185C

  • Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity Lab

    This area contains a lab, conference room, and a consultation room. The lab suite is used to conduct research on the role of psychological factors to explain human motivation, performance, learning, and physical activity. It also provides mental skills consultations to athletes.

    What's Included:

    • Instruments to study movement
    • Golf swing analyzer
    • Hitting cage
    • Putting surface
    • Stabilometers
    • Linear movement apparataus
    • Pedalos
    • Reaction timers

    Location: McCormick 261

  • Exercise Physiology Lab

    The mission of the lab is to promote excellence in teaching Exercise Science concepts and to facilitate the hands-on learning of exercise testing, prescription and programming. The lab provides state of the art equipment for faculty and student research and learning.

    What's Included:

    • Computer-interfaced metabolic carts (3)
    • Multiple EKG systems
    • Tanita and Bioanalogics bioelectric-impedance analysis systems
    • InBody body composition analyzer
    • Underwater weighing system
    • Bod Pod
    • Hologics Horizon DeXa
    • Vitalograph Spirometers
    • Accusport Lactate analyzer
    • Monark cycle ergometers
    • Trackmaster and Quinton treadmills
    • Polar Heart rate monitors
    • Actigraph GT9X and GT3X physical activity monitors
    • Tri-Fit systems
    • Vertec
    • Functional Movement Screen Test Kits
    • Various cardiorespiratory and physical activity measurement instruments
    • Fit Lab with cable systems, weight benches, barbells, TRX, kettlebells, plyometric boxes, etc.

    Location: McCormick 177, 177C, 177D and 177F