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KNR invites motivated students with exceptional academic records to apply for the honors program. Successfully completing the program gives you the designation of Honors in Kinesiology and Recreation when graduating. Your transcript and diploma will also be noted.

Admission Requirements

  • Declare a major in KNR
  • Complete at least 30 and no more than 90 hours of course work, including at least six hours of KNR courses
  • Have a minimum 3.30 overall GPA
  • Attend an admission interview with the honors coordinator

These are minimum entry requirements. The honors coordinator and program directors determine final admission.

Honors Program Requirements

  • Fulfill the general requirements of the University Honors Program
  • Successfully complete three hours minimum of School of Kinesiology and Recreation Honors courses
  • Pass KNR 295: Honors Seminar
  • Present at the annual KNR honors symposium (your independent honors study makes a good presentation)
  • Maintain a 3.30 overall GPA


Complete the application form and email it as an attachment to your KNR advisor (either Daphyne Walker at, Mindy Kinney at, or Megan Taylor at Your advisor will make sure you meet the qualifications. They then forward your application to the school’s honors coordinator.