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Graduate Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available to Kinesiology and Recreation graduate students in the form of tuition waivers, graduate assistantships, loans, grants, employment, and scholarships.

  • Tuition Waiver

    Send graduate tuition waiver applications to Dr. Scott Pierce at

    Due Dates

    • Fall Semester: August 1
    • Spring Semester: January 2
    • Summer Semester: May 1
  • Graduate Assistantships

    Graduate assistantships are available in KNR and other departments on campus.

    What They Cover

    Assistantships include a full-tuition waiver and a competitive stipend for full-time students. A limited number of assistantships become available for spring semester. Submit your application with your Graduate School application.

    Keep in Mind

    Students meeting the graduate admission requirements of the School are eligible for a graduate assistantship; however, acceptance into the graduate program does not guarantee financial support will be awarded.

    Search and Apply for Assistantships

  • Other Financial Aid

    Visit Graduate Funding Options to learn about other forms of financial aid, including scholarships and fellowships, employment, loans, and diversity tuition waivers.