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Athletic Performance

The following assessments will help those interested in maximizing their athletic performance, whether you are a seasoned veteran or just getting started in your sport.

Fuel Utilization

This assessment will evaluate your aerobic efficiency, aerobic/anaerobic threshold, calculate customized training zones, and tailor a sports-nutrition fueling strategy based on your specific fuel utilization. We can perform this test on a treadmill or with your own bicycle on a Computrainer.  We will give you a full report with your heart rate/pace/power zones, a fueling strategy for your training or event, as well as a suggested workout geared toward your metabolic strengths and weaknesses.  We believe that this is the single most effective assessment for endurance athletes.

Fuel Utilization Informational Handout

Body Composition

We use the BodPod, which is quickly becoming the most practical “gold-standard” measurement of body composition today.  We will measure precisely how much fat-free mass and lean mass your body is composed of.  We will use this information to determine if your body composition is ideal for your sport, establish a baseline, and help you calculate a realistic goal. While many athletes may be “lean,” the measurement of fat-free mass throughout the season is important to make sure you aren’t losing “muscle mass” due to excessive training or nutrition deficiencies.

BodPod Informational Handout

Sensewear Armband Analysis

You will take home and wear a small research-grade armband accelerometer for 3-5 full days and return it back to lab for analysis.  Besides look at your activity patterns, we will also be able to examine your sleep efficiency- how much time you actually spend SLEEPING vs. simply lying down.  This is also a valuable tool for athletes looking to measure true TOTAL energy expenditure per day, enabling us to recommend a specific caloric intake for your body composition goals.

Sensewear Armband Informational Handout

Resting Metabolic Rate

This assessment will measure your resting metabolism, or how many total calories you burn at complete rest (ie laying on the couch all day, no activity).  Knowing your exact RMR is useful for athletes who suspect they have higher/lower metabolic rates and are seeking precise information about how many calories their body requires to function each day, especially when establishing a nutrition plan to reach competition weight goals.


This test will measure your maximal aerobic capacity- the fastest rate that your body is able to utilize oxygen for aerobic energy production.  You will cycle or run on a treadmill for 8-12 minutes, starting at a moderate intensity and quickly ramping up to the HARDEST intensity.  The test will end when you can no longer continue.  You will learn your true VO2max, your aerobic threshold, and heart rate/power training zones.  We normally would recommend the Fuel Utilization test over this assessment.

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