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Faculty & Staff

We are proud of our outstanding faculty who are committed to exemplary teaching, high quality scholarship, and professional service. Our faculty members are strongly committed to excellence in teaching and to working with students in support of their professional development.

Several faculty members have won College of Applied Science and Technology, Illinois State University, or external teaching and research awards. In scholarship, our faculty has published textbooks, articles in national and international academic journals, and has made presentations at state, regional, national, and international conferences. Many of these presentations and research publications are co-authored with our students.

Kinesiology and Recreation Staff

Dr. Daniel Elkins
Professor and Interim School Director
(309) 438-8661

Mr. Mack Epps
Equipment Attendant
(309) 438-7281

Jennifer Hansel
Office Support Specialist
(309) 438-5681

Ms. Brooke Hermanowicz
(309) 438-2390

Ms. Terri Jordan
Chief Clerk
(309) 438-5782

Ms. Miranda D. Kinney
Academic Advisor
(309) 438-5782

Dr. Barbara Schlatter
Professor and Assistant Director
(309) 438-8233

Ms. Daphyne Walker
Academic Advisor
(309) 438-5782

Ms. Gale Wheatley
Administrative Aide
(309) 438-3054

Athletic Training

Dr. Rebecca Begalle
Assistant Professor
(309) 438-2605

Ms. Chelsea Kuehner
SMART Clinic Director and Clinical Education Coordinator of Athletic Training
(309) 438-5366

Dr. Kevin Laudner
(309) 438-7602

Dr. Todd McLoda
(309) 438-7602

Dr. Noelle Selkow
Assistant Professor, KNR Graduate Program Director, & and Director of Graduate Athletic Training Education
(309) 438-1875

Dr. Justin Stanek
Assistant Professor and Program Director of Undergraduate Athletic Training
(309) 438-5862

Exercise Science

Dr. Anthony Amorose
Professor and Graduate Sequence Coordinator of Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity Program
(309) 438-8590

Dr. Dale Brown
(309) 438-7547

Dr. Karen Dennis
Instructional Assistant Professor
(309) 438-3891

Ms. Betty A. Henson
Instructional Assistant Professor and Internship Coordinator
(309) 438-5008

Dr. Adam Jagodinsky
(309) 438-1859

Dr. Kristen Lagally
Professor and Exercise Physiology Graduate Program Coordinator
(309) 438-3229

Dr. Kelly Laurson
Associate Professor
(309) 438-7082

Dr. Anna Miles
Instructional Assistant Professor
(309) 438-1872

Dr. Scott Pierce
Assistant Professor
(309) 438-2655

Dr. Peter Smith
Associate Professor, School Honors Coordinator, and Exercise Science Program Director
(309) 438-3553

Dr. David Thomas
(309) 438-5307

Dr. Michael Torry
Associate Professor & Biomechanics Graduate Sequence Coordinator
(309) 438-7501

Physical Education Teacher Education

Dr. Margaret Coleman
Associate Professor and Director, Active For Life Program
(309) 438-8302

Dr. Deborah Garrahy
(309) 438-7054

Dr. Mary Henninger
Associate Professor
(309) 438-3552

Dr. Alan Lacy
(309) 438-7602

Ms. Molly Logan
Instructional Assistant Professor
(309) 438-8323

Ms. Caryn Putra
Student Teacher Coordinator & Instructional Assistant Professor
(309) 438-5249

Ms. Sandra Schuster
Instructional Assistant Professor
(309) 438-8868

Dr. Skip Williams
Associate Professor, Program Director of Physical Education Teacher Education, and Graduate Sequence Coordinator, Physical Education Pedagogy Program
(309) 438-1114

Recreation and Park Administration

Dr. Rebecca Achen
Assistant Professor
(309) 438-5557

Dr. Brent Beggs
Professor and Program Director for Recreation and Park Administration
(309) 438-5753

Ms. Olivia Butts
Instructional Assistant Professor
(309) 438-7760

Dr. Daniel Elkins
Professor and Interim School Director
(309) 438-8661

Ms. Sherri Hildebrand
Instructional Assistant Professor
(309) 438-3494

Dr. Amy Hurd
(309) 438-5557

Dr. Tracy Mainieri
Assistant Professor and Recreation Administration Graduate Sequence Coordinator
(309) 438-2337

Dr. Michael Mulvaney
Associate Professor, CPRP
(309) 438-1855

Ms. Lindsey Nicholson
Instructional Assistant Professor and Professional Practice Coordinator
(309) 438-5972

Dr. Barbara Schlatter
Professor and Assistant Director
(309) 438-8233

Ms. Rachel Smith
Instructional Assistant Professor
(309) 438-3668

Dr. Clinton Warren
Assistant Professor and Sport Management Graduate Sequence Coordinator
(309) 438-8396

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Kinesiology and Recreation
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