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Fitness Assessment Program

The Exercise Physiology Laboratory has a service program where ISU students, faculty/staff, and community members can receive comprehensive health screenings, body composition, and fitness assessments. The laboratory staff can also create customized exercise programs and plans to help the client reach their health and fitness goals.

Please view our services available below; you may choose one our popular fitness assessment packages, opt for an individual service, or inquire about creating your own custom package.

Please contact us with questions about our services, to schedule your appointment, or to discuss which programs/assessments are right for you!

Where to go

The Exercise Physiology Lab is located in 177 McCormick Hall.

Exercise Physiology Laboratory Services

Package Deals

The most cost-effective way to obtain a comprehensive fitness assessment customized to your needs and goals.  Please view the individual services for more information.  Custom packages are available—Contact us for details!

Body Composition and Metabolic Assessments

Body composition measures the ratio of lean and fat mass and is an integral component of total health and physical fitness.

Health Risk Assessments, Screenings, and Pulmonary Function Testing

The following assessments will determine your current health status regarding hypertension, lung functioning, blood lipid profile, and bone health.

Cardiovascular Fitness Assessments

Aerobic fitness testing determines how quickly your body is capable of utilizing oxygen for energy, and assesses risk for various metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.  It is also a good predictor of endurance sport performance.

Muscular Strength, Endurance, and Flexibility

MSEF testing assesses your ability to carry out work against resistance, as well as your range of motion.  The benefits of muscular fitness development include increases in lean body tissue, bone mineral density, connective tissue strength, anaerobic power, low-back health, and athletic performance.

Agility and Sport-Specific Testing

Agility is a crucial for performance in activities that require you to change direction quickly while keeping balance, strength, speed, and body control.

Personal Training

Exercise Professionals will guide you through a customized cardio or strength workout, whether it be a treadmill hill workout or an at-home strength program. We will teach you how to SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY exercise.

Heart Rate Tracking and Analysis

Using Polar Infra-red HRMs, we upload your HR data to our TriFit system and prescribe customized HR zones, training plans, and generate detailed reports and charts.

Contact Information

Daniel Dodd, Ph.D.
Lab Coordinator
(309) 438-3526

Additional Discounts on Services

  • 10% off follow-up sessions
  • 15% pre-paid follow-ups at time of first assessment
  • For groups of 3 or more, inquire about group savings!!

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