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Active for Life Program

Activity classes are offered each semester through the Active For Life Program, providing instruction on physical activities and sports. Most of the classes are one credit hour.

Why should I register for an Active For Life class?

  • Learn more about a specific sport or activity
  • Continue participation in a sport or activity previously practice
  • Maintain a full-time credit hour load

What should I expect when taking an Active for Life class?
1) Attendance is required, 2) lack of regular attendance or missing exams will likely result in a failing grade, 3) student participation is expected in class discussions, assignments, skills practice, and examinations.
If a student becomes seriously ill or injured and is unable to participate in or attend class, they may go to 107 Moulton to request a Medical Withdrawal.

Questions? If you have questions about the Active For Life program or any of its courses, please contact the Active For Life program director, Dr. Anna Miles at

Active For Life Courses

  • KNR 105 Badminton
  • KNR 106.02 Basketball II
  • KNR 108 Billiards I
  • KNR 112 Bowling I
  • KNR 113 Personal Fitness (3 credit hours)
  • KNR 114 Nautilus Conditioning
  • KNR 115 Adventure Education
  • KNR 116 Fitness Walk and Jogging
  • KNR 119 Golf I
  • KNR 125 - Indoor Group Cycling
  • KNR 126 Aerobics
  • KNR 127 Swimming I
  • KNR 127.10 Aquatic Fitness
  • KNR 136 Volleyball
  • KNR 137 Soccer
  • KNR 138 Slow Pitch Softball
  • KNR 140 - Touch Rugby
  • KNR 142 Tennis
  • KNR 147 Weight Training
  • KNR 148 Cardio Weight Training
  • KNR 180 First Aid (2 credit hours)

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